How to Get Rid Of Skin Tags

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags Naturally

Although skin tags are bound to affect a particular group of people more, they can affect anyone as well. The groups that are at high risk of being affected include those individuals who have been or are using steroids. If you are clinically obese, then you are also bound to see them more commonly on your body as they cause greater intensity on the body through the effect of rubbing.

Pregnant women also fall into the category of individuals who are most likely to be affected by skin tags due to the fluctuation of their hormones as well as weight changes. If you are an older person chances are that you will have skin tags too as compared to a younger person as a result of your skin being less elastic. Age, therefore, plays a significant role when it comes to the appearance of skin tags on your body along with many other factors.

How to get rid of skin tags naturally

Skin tags may appear anywhere on your body, but they will pose no danger to your health at all. Even though they do not have any danger, skin tags may appear on areas that are more visible such as your face, neck, groin, eyelids and that is why most people will consider getting rid of them safely. This article will provide you with ways on how to get rid of skin tags safely if you wish to consider removing them. Below is how you can remove skin tags without causing any harm to yourself.

Chemical peels

One of the options that you can consider is visiting a dermatologist to get a chemical peel. The only disadvantage that you will have with this kind of method when you want to get rid of skin tags is the fact that it is expensive. But the method is very efficient and when you put into consideration the results that you are assured to get then the effectiveness as well as the solution of this treatment is worth the cost. [1]Some of the skin peels which work include the Trichloroacetic acid which has been seen to be very successful when you want to get rid of skin tags. It will require you to apply the acid multiple times from time to time over the days. It is the strength that the peel has that will make it easy to get rid of the skin tag much faster.

You will also have to consider due care which is critical when you apply it, and you will be sure to see the results very soon with time. Another advantage about this a kind of treatment is that you will not have to visit the doctor from time to time and thus no much time is wasted having appointments with your doctor.

Using essential oils

Another way to get rid of skin tags is through the use of simple natural methods. The amazing thing about this option is the fact that essential oils are very much affordable and safe as well as a proven natural treatment plan.[2] Examples of these essential oils that you might consider when you want to get rid of skin tags include oregano oil, tree oil, castor oil and the frankincense oil. Aside from those others, expensive oil that you may find is the tree oil especially if you are looking to have it in its purest form but it gets the job done. When you buy tree oil, we recommend that you opt for the Bael Wellness Tea Tree Oil and the Apothecary tea tree oil brands.

Freezing method

It is also one of the skin tag treatments that can be done perfectly in the comfort of your home. This kind of approach has been recommended by the pharmacist when you want to get rid of skin tags. [3]You will have to use liquid nitrogen where you will be freezing off the skin tags using it. By freezing them, you will be inhibiting any blood supply that will be going to the skin tags, and by so doing they will not be able to survive. You will notice that they will be changing color after you apply the liquid nitrogen for several times. It is a good sign which is an indication that the skin tags are dying which will be followed by finally falling off. You will take at least a week for this kind of treatment to finally work and if you are careful enough then there are no chances of scarring. You can use this sort of therapy when you seek to treat both large and the small skin tags.

Removal with dental floss

In this type of treatment, you will be using a Tagband to tie off the skin tags and thus prevent the supply of blood to them, and as a result, they will fall off eventually. [4] It is one of the popular methods that are being used to treat skin tags because they are quick and free. Get someone to assist you; it is easier and safer and makes sure that you follow the necessary requirements for the treatment method.

Before you wrap the tag, clean the area that it resides and sanitize it to get rid of dirt and help prevent infections from occurring. Use a string to wrap the skin tag at the base very tightly. You will need to re-tighten the string each day until the skin tag finally falls off. Sometimes it fails to fall off by itself, so you will need to remove it manually using a clipper. Cleaning the area before and after you have concluded the treatment is mandatory to reduce any risk of infections.

Using apple cider vinegar

The acidic property that apple cider vinegar has is what makes it a treatment method for getting rid of skin tags.[5] It breaks down the cells and makes them shrink thus compromising the structure of the skin where it later falls off. You will simply soak a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar and then use it to rub directly on the skin tag. For maximum effect, you will need to perform this at least twice a day.









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