How to Get Rid of Eye Bags

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags

The presence of puffy or dark bags under your eyes is typically a cosmetic concern only. There are few instances when eye bags alone are a sign of more serious illness or health concern. However, the effect on personal appearance is enough to cause most people to search for how to get rid of eye bags.

The answer can be convoluted because eye bags, or periorbital hyperpigmentation as they are scientifically called, have a number of different causes [1]. These causes in turn require different solutions. Usually, in order to answer the question how to get rid of eye bags, people must consider what lifestyle decisions or predisposed conditions exist in their life that would result in the heavy, puffiness below the eyes.

Avoid Eye Irritants

One of the biggest causes of bags under your eyes is facial irritation. Therefore, when determining how to get rid of eye bags, consider with eliminating products and environmental factors that could irritate the eyes and sensitive skin around the eyes.

This includes face creams that contain retinol, salicylic acid, or glycolic acid [2]. Each of these ingredients is included to help clear, smooth, or moisturize skin, but when rubbed too close to the eye, can turn from helpful to harmful. The result is the unwanted dark circles under you eyes.

In order to keep your beauty routine and still work on how to get rid of eye bags, be precise in application. Unless made specifically for the skin around your eyes, do not apply creams, moisturizers, or makeup removers inside the boney ring around your eye [2]. If such facial products are causing or worsening your eye bags, they should clear or lessen within just a few days.

Another Sign of Aging

Often, men and women who did not experience eye bags earlier in life will develop them later on. The skin around the eye is already thin, as people age it becomes even more lax and loose. This makes is easier for fluid to collect under the eyes [3]. In addition, the thin, loose skin makes it easy for fat pads around the eyes to move and become puffy masses under the eyes [4]. Both of these aging issues results in more pronounced eye bags.

How to get rid of eye bags from aging can be difficult. It is an even bigger battle for people who are genetically predisposed to eye bags. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists recommend a minor surgery to lessen the appearance of eye bags [4].

There are really two options. The first is an eyelid surgery during which the doctor removes the extra fat from the area under the eye [5]. The second option is to have filler injected into this area around the eye. For most people, these are serious procedures for eye bags that should be undertaken when other home remedies do not suffice.

Skip the Salty Snack

Another surprising cause of eye bags is a high sodium diet [2]. When you consume too much salt the body lets you know by retaining water in all sorts of odd places. Most commonly, you see the effects in your cheeks and abdominal. The sensitive skin around the eye is also victim to your salty habits [1].

The obvious answer for how to get rid of eye bags is to cut salt and high sodium foods from your diet. However, there are nights when you must have that soy sauce with your sushi, and that is OK. There are other steps you can take to prevent the dark circles under your eyes when you indulge in a salty snack or meal. Try a cold compress before bed or an eye cream with caffeine that should shrink the blood vessels brining sodium to the area [2].

Attack of the Allergies

While other irritants, habits, and activities can lead to eye bags, research shows that allergies are one of the most common causes of these dark circles [BBC]. People who suffer from allergies are likely to see eye bags creep up during seasonal changes. However, it is common for suffers to see puffiness all year long. Regardless, the continual swelling and lessening of the under eye skin can result in looser skin that looks more aged and fatigued [3].

Allergies act much like other irritants because they make the eyes itchy and swollen, which in turn causes the sensitive skin to become puffy [4]. There are a few simple remedies for how to get rid of eye bags from allergens and allergies. You can plug in an air purifier, which will remove allergens such as pollen and dust [4]. This will alleviate any irritation and habitual rubbing of your eyes that may occur during sleep.

Predisposed to Puffy Eyes

Some people are genetically or anatomically predisposed to have puffy bags under their eyes [5]. Oftentimes, women of Italian decent will complain about their heavy eye bags after a night of wine or being up late at night. Meanwhile, other women can only sleep a wink without the same effect.

When puffy or heavy bags under the eyes are caused by heredity, how to get rid of eye bags is more complicated. It is easy to say avoid toxins such as alcohol and smoking, always get enough sleep, and stay away from other lifestyle choices that are going to result in fluid retention, but that is impractical [1].

Instead, try a simple sleep solution. Try propping up your head at night with an extra pillow [4]. When you sleep flat on your back or keep your head even with the heart, fluid tends to collect in the face and under the eyes. Hence, dark bags when you wake up. An elevated position will use gravity to move fluid away from your head and face [3].

A Question of Sleeplessness

Most people attribute their eye bags to lacking shuteye or restless nights, but funny enough this is rarely the cause. In actuality, eye bags are tangentially related to amount of sleep and more likely to be the result of a different cause. That being said, it is beneficial for facial skin to get the recommended 8 hours a night.







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