How to get rid of cold sores

How to get rid of cold sores

Cold sores are small lesions that are filled with fluid and most of the times when they appear it will be on your lips.  When they break, you will be left with a crust where the sore had popped up. One sure thing about cold sores is that there is no cure or medicine that has been found to fight them. They come and go on their own without any medicinal treatment.

On the bright side, there are quite a number of home remedies on how to get rid of cold sores that you can use to help you get rid of the cold sores much quicker. These remedies will help to reduce the severity and duration of the unsightly sores. Here are some of the remedies that you can comfortably use at home so as to get rid of the cold sores

Using Milk

Milk can help you to speed up the healing process when you apply it on the sore. The reason as to why milk will be an amazing option to help you heal is due to the fact that it contains immunoglobulin which are the antibodies that serve the purpose of fighting off as well as preventing viruses from attacking your immune system [1]. It also has l-lysine which will help to speed up the healing process too. Therefore you can drink milk so as to help you in preventing the outbreaks of the cold sores. If they have already appeared just use a cotton ball that has been soaked in milk then apply it directly on the cold sore. You can do this for several minutes. After finishing the remedy you can wipe off the residue with clean water and if you feel that it is too dry, you can apply a bit of petroleum jelly on the sore.

Wiping It with Hydrogen Peroxide

It is definitely not a pleasant feeling when you decide to use hydrogen peroxide as the method to use on how to get rid of cold sores. Despite the unpleasant feeling that you will get from applying hydrogen peroxide, it is one of the best home remedies that can make your cold sores go away much quickly. Hydrogen peroxide works by disinfecting the affected area and speeding up the healing process as well as making it impossible for the sores that have surfaced to be able to spread to other places. This action should be followed by ensuring that you always keep the affected area clean [2]. You can use the cotton ball that has been soaked in hydrogen peroxide when applying it on the sores.

Peppermint Oil

When you apply peppermint directly on the sore, there are higher chances that it will heal very fast. Peppermint has the properties which work a great way to kill the virus particles directly found outside your cells. Examples of the virus that are outside a cell are the ones which are around your cold sore. Ingesting the peppermint would not help in any way due to this very reason that it only attacks the virus that is found outside your cell. To treat the sore with peppermint, you will first need to clean the affected area of the cold sore with a bit of water. Doing so ensures that you wipe of some gunk that would have formed on the surface of the sore area which will otherwise prevent the oil from penetrating into the cold sore. Dip the cotton bit into clean water before you dip it in the peppermint oil so as to dilute it a little bit and reduce the likelihood of it causing irritation. You will need to do this two times a day until you feel that you are better.

Cornstarch Paste

This paste has a fine, and an almost silky texture, which can help you with your cold sores. The reason why this paste is going to be a pleasant and best remedy to your cold sore is because it will neutralize the pH of your sore. The cold sore virus is meant to survive mostly in an environment that is acidic. The paste will do the opposite and provide the surface of the sore with an alkaline medium and in that case reducing the chances of its survival. The silky smooth cornstarch paste will help you by relieving the cold sores as well as reducing the duration that they will be appearing on your lips. Apply the cornstarch paste on the surface of the cold sores each time before you are off to bed and in the mornings when you wake up rinse it off with water. You will need to do this until the cold sores are finally gone.

Use Ice

Ice can be a great way of how to get rid of cold sores. Another thing that we can all agree on about the cold sores is that they really hurt. You can therefore use ice to reduce the pain by numbing the area. You can do this by holding the ice pack in contact with the cold sores for as long as you can. After that you will need to apply some petroleum jelly which will help you in keeping the bacteria out of the open cold sores [3]. The petroleum jelly will also help you to lessen the tightness around the cold sores which mostly causes pain when you move your mouth and causing skin splitting sensation. You will need ice cubes to make this successful. You will have to hold the chilly ice cubes on the sore as long as possible. Then, after you are done, clean it off gently not to hurt the sores.

How to get rid of cold sores is not hard and you can perform the simple procedure at home.


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