Fat Burning Exercises

Some of the BEST Fat Burning Exercises you Can Do Today!

Going to the gym can be a great experience for some, however, for most of us, it is difficult to keep motivated as the last thing you want to do is run on that boring treadmill again. The gym does not have to be a boring and unexciting experience anymore, instead, you can go to the gym and not only enjoy your session, but also gain amazing results with fat burning exercises.

The best fat burning exercises

WARNING: These are going to KICK YOUR BUTT pretty quickly, But You’ll Love Me for it! 🙂

The days of committing ourselves to long hours of cardiovascular work such as running on treadmills, cycling on stationary bikes, etc. have come to an end and instead have been replaced with more appropriate fat burning exercises.

Research has shown that you can get a more effective bout of training in a shorter period of time with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This method of training is based on bouts of high intensity followed by rest and then repeated over a period of time. [1]

High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is one of the new fads on the block that has actually been found to work. With our hectic schedules and busy lives we have little time to commit to exercising. With HIIT you are able to receive the same benefits of an hour-long gym session in just twenty minutes. HIIT programs involve training sessions where you will work at 100% capacity for 30 seconds and then rest a minute depending on your fitness. This form of training allows your body to become fitter quicker as you keep pushing your lactic threshold, as well as training your heart to recover quickly between reps. This most exciting finding regarding HIIT is that we are able to trick our bodies into believing that it is still burning fat hours after we have left the gym. [2]

Below you will find eight fat burning exercises you can do while getting your HIIT training on as well as a simple HIIT training program. The exercises in the first program need to be done in a circuit where you will start with one exercise and then move onto the next until you have completed all eight exercises in the circuit. As beginners always start with 20 seconds training, 1 minute rest. Once you become stronger and fitter you can push that to 20 seconds training, 40 seconds rest, until you are able to move to a rest to work ratio of 30 second training, 30 second rest. For our advanced guys who have been training for years you can train at a rest to work ratio of 1 minute training; 30 seconds rest. [3]

Program 1:

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Burpees
  • Skipping
  • Box Jumps
  • Push ups
  • Squat jumps
  • Run on the spot
  • Plank

Repeat as many circuits as you can in 30 minutes.

Program 2:

Below you will find another easy and simple fat burning program you can do at home that will make you burn 500 calories in a quick thirty minutes. These are some effective fat burning exercises:

  • 1 minute walk
  • 1 minute jog
  • 1 minute run
  • 1 minute walk
  • 1 minute jog
  • 1 minute mountain climbers
  • 1 minute walk
  • 1 minute jog
  • 1 minute burpees
  • 1 minute walk
  • 1 minute jog
  • 1 minute squat jumps
  • 3 minute walk

*Complete full circuit twice.

These fat burning exercises can all be done in the comfort of your own home, however, those of us that need the inspiration; there are spaces available in gyms that will provide you adequate space to jump up and down to get that heart rate pacing. It’s always great to exercise to upbeat music while completing the circuits as this is a strenuous training program that will require an extra push.

Other fat burning exercises and strength training exercises include the following:

  • Body weight training

So body weight training involves utilizing your own body weight to provide resistance to your training. By building muscle you are able to increase your metabolism and therefore naturally burning more calories each day. Muscle weighs more than fat, therefore don’t judge your progress solely on your weight, instead measure and compare the changes in the circumference of your waist and hips. Body weight training is more suited to individuals wanting to tone their bodies rather than bulk up. Examples of body weight training exercises include push-ups, squats, lunges, burpees and plank.

  • Weight training

So weight training involves utilizing external loads such as dumbbells, medicine balls, barbells and ropes etc. in your training sessions. By utilising additional weights in training, you are able to push your body further, allowing your muscles to get bigger and bulkier. Examples of weight training exercises that utilize weight training include, bicep-curls, bench press, dead lifts and tricep- kickbacks

  • Cardiovascular training

Cardiovascular training involves the increase of oxygen utilization by your muscles and is taxing on heart rate and lung capacity. This training requires long periods of sustained exercise for periods ranging from thirty minutes to an hour and thirty minutes. Your muscles require energy to sustain these periods of exercise and your body burns calories in this process. By burning more calories than you consume you are able to achieve weight loss, therefore the longer you train the more successful you are likely to be. Examples of cardiovascular training include running, swimming, jogging, walking and playing sports such as tennis and hockey.

  • TRX training

TRX training is a total body resistance exercise that incorporates strength training through the use of ropes and webbing, often referred to as suspension training that allows an individual to utilize their own body weight. Most common fat burning exercises that are done in the gym can be done on a TRX suspension trainer, such as plank, push-ups, squats and lunges.

  • Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell training involves the use of various weighted kettlebells ranging from 2kgs to 16kg and above. This fat burning training involves both cardiovascular training and strength training. Most exercises conducted in the gym can utilize kettlebells to increase the intensity of the exercise. Kettlebell exercises include snatch, cleans, deadlifts, and squats etc.

When trying to burn fat the two most important things to remember are that muscle does weigh more than fat; however, you want more muscle as an increased muscle results in an increased metabolism that allows your body to burn more calories naturally. Lastly, it is vital to ensure that you are burning more calories through fat burning exercises than you are consuming through the food you eat.


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