Core De Force!

Core De Force! Super Trainers Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews and their Core De Force. About a year ago Super Trainers Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews joined the team of Super Trainers at Beachbody and we knew that something awesome was coming. They have an extensive background in the fitness industry, they have really done …

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Weeks 26-27

Weeks 26-27  Lots of walking has been happening , 5 plus miles on most days. I had a doctor’s appointment and everything is looking great. My weight was 134 , so I have gained 16 pounds. No wonder push ups and pull ups seem impossible!! Other then my weight going up everything has been the …

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Second Trimester Recap plus Things I’ve Learned

Second Trimester Recap + Things I’ve Learned  I have reached the third trimester! This is the time that everybody tells me drags on and on. But this time of year is super busy for me with my birthday and holidays so I’m hoping it won’t drag ( wishful thinking maybe?!)  I hope you enjoy my …

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Weeks 24-25

Weeks 24-25 Recap   As you know I am back at crossfit ! I love being back and I found I haven’t had to scale as much as I thought I would. I am not doing any ab moves  on my back. I do believe my abs have split a little , diastasis recti . …

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Sunday Workout + Recipe

Sunday Workout + Recipe : Garage WOD ( Workout Of the Day ) Today I got a great workout in right at home. It was pouring rain all day so leaving the house was just not happening!! Don’t forget to check out the apple cinnamon protein oatmeal recipe at the bottom of the page. AMRAP …

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Crossfit while pregnant

Back To Crossfit

Back To Crossfit At 24 Weeks Pregnant ! I went back to crossfit today and it felt great!! I know tomorrow and the next day my legs are going to be SORE! My plan is to go 2-3 times a week while continuing my at home workouts and home yoga program. The class started with 400 …

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fit pregnancy

Weeks 22-23

Weeks 22-23 Recap I can’t believe I am already at 24 weeks !! Time is flying by. These past two weeks have been very busy getting settled into our new house. I did get lots of walking and workouts in though. I will be headed back to crossfit soon, I’m very excited but I know …

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ONE PAN PARMESAN CHICKEN AND ASPARAGUS DINNER This meal is pure easy to make and it tastes awesome!! I added some cut up potatoes to mine for an extra side dish. We made enough for lunch the next day! I am always looking for quick and easy meals to make , not only was this …

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Fall Into Fitness With Me

Fall Into Fitness With Me Labor Day weekend is gone , summer is almost over and we are headed  into fall. It is almost time for pumpkin spice everything ( my least fav! )  and for all of the sweet treats , pies, candy & more. Many people consciously or unconsciously make the decision to put …

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Weeks 20-21

Weeks 20-21  Recap Hello Fit Fam!!! Here is a quick recap of what I  was doing in weeks 20 and 21, you’ll notice I haven’t been to the gym in a while !! I have been working out at home, going for walks and surfing. The summer is always hard for me to get to …

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