Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation “The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” Elrod, Hal. The Miracle Morning Are you living your dream life?? I hope so! I hope you wake up every morning excited for the day. If you’re not ITS TIME FOR CHANGE!!! I highly recommend the book the …

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Weeks 17-18-19

Weeks 17-18 We had our second ultra sound this week ( 18 weeks ) and everything went awesome! I some how gained no weight even though I’m eating more then ever!!! We found out the gender but kept it secret till our cake reveal ( see post ) Going all day without knowing was so hard! …

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Bikini Bootcamp

Get Paid to Get FIT With the Health Bet Challenge

Fall is Coming!! We are moving quickly into that time of year where things can get really hectic, with back to school, summer ending and schedules changing .  We are also moving into the fall, temperatures are going to start getting cooler and before we know it we will the holiday seasons were sometimes things …

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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation A lot of people use Mondays as a start to a new workout program, meal plan, life plan… you name it ! So I have decided to help make your Mondays a little bit better by adding a new Monday Motivation post every week!! Every Monday check your inbox for a new motivating post …

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Baby Boy or Girl Reveal

 Baby Boy or Girl Reveal??!! So we decided to do a gender reveal ice cream cake! We knew right away we couldn’t wait 9 months to find out if baby was a boy or a girl , I don’t know how people do it! My family convinced us to have the ultrasound tech write it …

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fitness challenge

Kick Bad Habits Challenge

Kick Bad Habits Challenge 14 Days till our challenge starts! Have YOU joined yet??? Give me 30 days I will give you results! Become stronger, more confident , happier and healthier . Doesn’t all that sound amazing?? Well it is! Don’t miss this opportunity to change your life. Drop your email below, message me , …

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Active pregnancy

Weeks 15-16 Workouts

Weeks 15-16 Recap & Workouts My workouts have been going great! At 16 weeks I started to modify a few moves, such as burpees ( I don’t go all the way tot he ground) and I lowered the weight for a few different moves. I have been experiencing round ligament pain which is a pain …

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Shrimp Tacos

Cajun Shrimp Tacos

Cajun Shrimp Tacos These shrimp tacos are so easy to make and they taste awesome! You can make then extra spicy by adding more seasoning . This is going to be my go to meal when in a pinch because they take about 5 minute to make!! If you are ready to take learn how …

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Leg Day Burner

Leg Day Burner Happy Workout Wednesday!! This leg day workout is a burner!! I did this workout last week and i felt it for a few days after! Workout: KB front rack lunges x10 sled pull or frog hops x10 split lunge x10 burped box jump x10 x3 sandbag thruster x10 single leg deadlift L …

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Tabata Arms Workout

Tabata Arms Workout Happy Sunday !! This quick tabata arm workout is a burner! Summer is the time to show off your lady guns , so grab your water and let GO! Stay connected with me ,  join me on my other social sites , make sure you follow me on youtube, pinterest & instagram. Share your instagram photos with  #swellfitness . Connect …

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